A Summary on Scientology for Scientists
by L. Ron Hubbard

Slightly less than nineteen years after the First Book, I found the what and why of the attacks.

While they could have been motivated and financed by a Church or the state, they were not.

The hidden secret of the attacks of nineteen years was Research Funds.

None had been available in my day. But after the war the psychologist and psychiatrist groups, in 1948, organized a research fund activity through international organizations. Governments contributed unbelievable sums to them with incredibly small and even illegal or dishonest results of human experimentation.

My work, as I now patch it together, was considered, I do not know how, a threat to such fund appropriation. It was also considered a threat to healing income. For years I supposed the latter predominated. But this is not true. I have seen the appropriations and the lists of those to whom such funds were given.

There was nothing wrong with granting research funds. But to do this as a scientific activity, to men untrained in any scientific methodology or mores, has been a serious mistake. Unlike the biologist, the chemist and other scientists, the psychologist and psychiatrist know nothing of the scientific method, know little or no mathematics and share none of the basic discipline which holds scientists together. They are trained in authoritarian subjects and their approach is entirely authoritarian.

The funds are not used for actual research, but are simply paid out to their friends. I have the documents on this.

The humanities have not tracked along with physical science because there were no real scientists in the humanities.

For nineteen years this multimillion dollar river over the world has been used to attack any independent researcher and to forward the most mad plans for political control I have ever perused. I would not make such a statement without the documents being close to hand, sent to me by medical doctors who also do not like them.

Therefore I conclude it is a serious mistake to finance untrained and unskilled persons with unlimited research finance, which in itself can become a small, individuated area ferociously self-defensive and very fatal to have around.

The humanities have not tracked along with physical science because there were no real scientists in the humanities. The basic rules and mores of physical scientists were missing.

Yet the entire social order, for progress, depends upon the humanities catching up their lost time. Yet the atmosphere in which the research must be done has not changed much from Hegel’s time.

I have been working seriously and productively in this field, denied any funds and combating fantastically overfinanced opposition.

The society at large does not oppose advance in this field. The Churches do not. But governments at the urgings of the incompetent “authority” have attacked all advance by serious basic researchers.

Few have the courage or stamina to stand up to such opposition and still carry on their work.

The campaign of discrediting any such work discredits as well its possibility and discourages actual scientists.

In my time I have seen Dr. Wilhelm Reich, MD, who was researching in small energies in the mind, killed by the FDA of the US at the urgings of overfinanced interests. I have seen others viciously attacked for attempts to advance knowledge of the humanities.

I am not requesting and have not needed research funds for some time.

I have made a breakthrough in this field. It has taken thirty-eight years of hard work. It is successful. It can be subjected to the usual scientific proofs and controls. It has been tested over and over by competent persons. There are fifty-five axioms, there is a considerable body of application data, there are over sixteen million words of gathered materials.

I am sometimes accused of keeping the data back. It is there for public and professional use. But in offering it to the US to increase scientist IQ and halve pilot reaction time, our Washington office was raided by longshoremen with drawn guns, posing as Federal Marshals, and a Wheatstone Bridge we use was seized along with books.

I have been pressed to the most unusual means of forwarding research.

This is a short case history of why there had not been any real scientific activity in the field of the humanities. A scientist in the physical sciences would not believe the chaos, incompetence, dishonesty and opposition to be found in these subjects.