Scientology Answers
by L. Ron Hubbard

The world tends to attack new things and Scientology has had its share from vested interest groups and governments but it keeps rising eventually victorious from each clash, without bitterness.

Various interesting results proceed from the practice of Scientology. One’s intelligence increases and one’s ability to handle his problems is markedly bettered.

One does not have to study Scientology very long to know that one does not have to die to find out what he is or where he is going after death, for one can experience it all for himself with no persuasion or hypnotism or “faith.”

When you yourself hold the Truth, the shadows by which you are bound tend to slither away.

So Scientology is different mainly because one doesn’t have to believe in it to have it work. Its truths are of the order of “Is this black?” “Is this white?” You can see for yourself something is black if it’s black and that something is white when it’s white. No tricks of logic are needed to prove any point and Scientologists only ask people to look for themselves.

Thus, along with science, Scientology can achieve positive invariable results. Given the same conditions, one always gets the same results. And anyone given the same conditions can obtain the same results.

What has happened is the superstition has been subtracted from spiritual studies. And today this is a very acceptable state of affairs to Man.

The ultimate freedom depends on knowing the ultimate Truth. Truth is not what people say it is, it is what it is. And Truth, quite remarkably, sets one free, just like philosophers have said down the ages.

What the philosophers did not say was how free can one get? And that is the surprise contained in Scientology for everyone who walks the Road to Truth—one can be totally free.

Naturally this makes no friendly news to the person who wants slaves and Fascistic, Capitalistic and even some more liberal creeds forbid that utterly, for who could be a master, so they think, where no slave wears his chains? They miss the point entirely, for who has to be a master?

When you yourself hold the Truth, the shadows by which you are bound tend to slither away.

And when you at last know for yourself in your own experience that Scientology does have the answers, and when you have applied them, you have the result all philosophers, savants, sages and saviors have always dreamed of—and freedom as well.

As much of Scientology is true for you as you know of it. Those who know it only by name react to the hope of it. And as one advances upon the road, one knows more and more of it and is more and more free. Unlike so many promises made to Man and which have made him fear disappointment, Scientology delivers. It may be over a rough road. It may be over a smooth one. But Scientology eventually delivers all it says it can.

And that is what is new about it and why it grows. No other religion ever given Man delivered. They all waited until after the end for one to find his harp or his Nirvana.

For the first time in all the ages there is something that in this one lifetime delivers the answers to the eternal questions and delivers immortality as well.