Literary Legacy

“The artist is looked upon to start things,” wrote L. Ron Hubbard at the outset of his contest, “The artist injects the spirit of life into the culture.” Although he had been speaking of the authors to follow, these same sentiments certainly applied to himself. Today there are some three hundred million L. Ron Hubbard fiction and nonfiction books in circulation. As new generations discover his works, that figure will only continue to grow. But in either case, the mark has been made. As Professor of English and Foreign Languages, Stephen V. Whaley declared, “Without a doubt, L. Ron Hubbard is one of the most prolific and influential writers of the twentieth century.”

In evidence of exactly that, the larger body of his works has been honored with awards from such literary organizations as the French National Federation for Culture, the French Academy of Arts, the European Committee of Prestige and an Award of Excellence from the United Nations Society of Writers. Also in recognition of L. Ron Hubbard’s literary legacy is a Charlie Award from the Hollywood Arts Council and which, in fact, marked the inauguration of an entirely new award category to acknowledge what the Writers of the Future spells for imaginative fiction as a whole. In further evidence of Mr. Hubbard’s literary stature stands his extraordinarily vast and diverse body of readers—quite literally from every conceivable corner of society across nearly a hundred nations and in every major language of Earth. Finally, and yet again bespeaking of the future, there are the scores of colleges and universities where students study his work and thereby strive, as he himself so passionately phrased it:

“To write, write and then write some more. And never to allow weariness, lack of time, noise, or any other thing to throw me off my course.” 

For the complete body of information on Mr. Hubbard’s literary legacy see the L. Ron Hubbard Series editions on Writer: The Shaping of Popular Fiction; Literary Correspondence Letters & Journals; and Poet/Lyricist: The Aesthetics of Verse.