Answers to Drugs

Although L. Ron Hubbard long recognized what drugs potentially spelled in terms of human misery, it was the so-called psychedelic revolution of the 1960s that prompted his most intensive work in the rehabilitation arena. His reasoning was simple—no one can be spiritually free if chained to a chemical substance. Not only did drug abuse endanger one’s health, but also one’s learning rate, attitudes, personality and overall mental acuity. Indeed, following a 1973 review of what rampant drug use wrought among youths in New York City, he began to speak of this drug epidemic in terms of a devastating social cataclysm—and given what followed that psychedelic decade, including rampant cocaine and heroin consumption and all attendant violence therefrom, he was right. The social devastation proved very much a cataclysm. Nor was the problem in any way limited to street-drug consumption on the social fringe. On the contrary, with a psychiatric and pharmaceutical establishment intently pumping drugs into mainstream social arteries, the ramifications were altogether cultural. Moreover, with continued research through the late 1970s, yet another insidious problem came to light: even years after quitting drugs and repairing all immediate damage, the former user remained at risk, and gravely so.

Central to the problem lay what Mr. Hubbard identified as tiny residues of previously ingested drugs lodged in fatty tissues. Liable to activate at any time, it is these residues that account for what is commonly termed the flashback and prove especially disturbing to those who experimented with LSD. Indeed, even years after ingestion, former drug users have found themselves on horrifying and unpredictable trips. Moreover, as Mr. Hubbard next discovered, street drugs were not the only detrimental substances to lodge in the fatty tissues. In fact, virtually every kind of drug, chemical poison, preservative, pesticide and industrial waste that we regularly ingest can likewise embed in the body and do us harm.

The body of texts prescribing delivery of L. Ron Hubbard’s Purification Program, including: Clear Body, Clear Mind, an illustrated workbook and technical materials to supervise the regimen

That discovery—and L. Ron Hubbard was unquestionably the first to recognize it—held profound ramifications. Consider, for example, a subsequent Environmental Protection Agency report admitting the average American consumes more than seven hundred potentially dangerous substances in the body. What all this spells in terms of ill health and shortened life, the agency cannot say. But one fact is patently clear from both Mr. Hubbard’s original research and secondary medical studies: those toxic substances do much to diminish our ability to act, think and perceive.

The damage is done in this way: Given the body is essentially a communication system, with the brain acting as a switchboard for the translation of thought into action, biochemical substances can be devastating—actually disrupting the normal pattern of thought. Needless to say, these toxic substances also do much to inhibit our learning rate, our memory and all else necessary for our physical and spiritual well-being.

In answer to what he rightfully described as a biochemical crisis, Mr. Hubbard developed a complete program to counter it. It is most comprehensively explained in the book Clear Body, Clear Mind and utilizes an exact regimen of exercise, sauna and nutritional supplements under medical liaison. This, then, is the appropriately named Purification Program and intended to bring about detoxification, actually removing drug residuals from the fatty tissues.

The Research Center for Dependency Disorders and Chronic Pain, in a recent scientific study of L. Ron Hubbard’s Purification Program, found that residual drugs were definitely eliminated from the body, confirming Mr. Hubbard’s findings.

To be sure, according to numerous studies, the Purification Program is the only means of ridding drug residues from fatty tissues. In point of fact, when Michigan residents were found to have ingested dangerous levels of a fire retardant in 1973, only the Purification Program proved capable of reducing toxin levels. Similarly, the program proved the only effective means for expunging airborne pollutants from 9/11 rescue personnel suffering pulmonary ailments; thus New York City firefighters describing the program as literally lifesaving.

“As the developer of this sauna sweat-out program, L. Ron Hubbard found that drug residues/metabolites store in the fatty tissue of the body for long periods of time. I am amazed at the accuracy of his findings. The graphs and initial report show what we have expected for some time—drugs definitely are coming out during this program.”

Forest Tennant, M.D., Dr. P.H., Executive Director, Research Center for Dependency Disorders and Chronic Pain

The end result is more than impressive; it has factually redefined the parameters of environmental medicine. For whereas physicians previously treated only symptoms of toxic accumulation—including exhaustion, memory lapse and nausea—suddenly they were equipped to treat the underlying source of the problem. In consequence, many of those completing the program not only report improved perceptions, but also maintain they are generally happier, more energetic, mentally alert and altogether better disposed. Hence, the corollary reports of dramatically improved personal relationships and, in short, a recovery of what he so memorably described as:

“…some of the happiness, some of the sincerity and some of the love and kindness with which he was created.”